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Plankpad - interactive Bodyweight Fitness Trainer with Training App for iOS & Android

Get fit playing Games!

Train all muscles at the same time

Plankpad is the perfect training device to train the whole body. The plank exercise helps you get into shape, burn fat and build muscles. In combination with the app for iOS and Android, which is synched with the workout, the plank exercise becomes more dynamic, attracts more muscles and is much more fun. Since the focus of the training is on the games, you will forget the time, hold your exercise longer and achieve training success faster.

Dynamic workouts

Beside the games there is an area with workouts if you want to train even harder. Various workouts make your training even more dynamic. The games and workouts have different difficulty levels and can therefore be tuned for beginners and advanced.

Training with the App

Plankpad can be used with a fitting app for iOS and Android with many games. The app is in perfect sync with the movement of the Plankpad. This makes the training more fun and the time goes by faster. The app so includes many different workouts.

Many different workout videos

With the Plankpad the classic plank exercise becomes even more intensive and entertaining. The Plankpad app offers many different exercise variations and together with the included poster you have many combinations for your own inspiration.

Fun with the whole family

For a family gaming experience, the Plankpad can be easily connected to a Smart TV and used as a balance board. So you can play all together and train your lower body and coordination at the same time.