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A Fine Ceramic Self-Heating Mug

Keeps your drink hot & flavorful at 130°F / 55°C

The KOPI Mug is a revolutionary self-heating mug system that maintains your coffee & tea at the perfect drinking temperature. Not only this, its charging pad can also wirelessly charge your cell phone.

Simple, elegant, and convenient, the KOPI Mug takes the hassle out of enjoying your favorite beverages. Maximize flavor and ensure a pleasurable drinking experience.

KOPI Mug Specifications:

  • Material: High quality ceramic

  • Volume: 12 fl oz / 355 mL

Charging Pad Specifications:

  • Material: Anodized aluminum alloy, tempered glass

  • Max output: Android 15W (max), Apple 7.5W (max). Mug heating 24W (max)

Package includes: 4x KOPI Mug with lid, 1x Qi wireless charger, power adapter & USB Type C cable