Australian Tea Tree Hydrolat 澳洲茶樹純露

Australian Tea Tree Hydrolat 澳洲茶樹純露

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特    色 :


Characteristic : Original pure tea tree natural aroma, without adding any artificial flavor, refined with natural spring water, after mixed with natural spring water taste, it is so unique aroma with full of rich minerals and trace elements


不含有毒成份 (non toxic)

不含色素 (no artificial colors)

不含酒精 (no alcohols)

不含礦物油 (no mineral oil)

不含硫酸鹽 (no sulfates)

不含人造香料 (no fragrance)

無動物實驗產品 (cruelty free)

不含對羥基苯甲酸酯防腐劑 (no parabens)

不含甲基異噻唑啉酮防腐劑 (no MIT)

不含鄰苯二甲酸酯增塑劑 (no phthalates)

通過SGS不含重金屬測試 (Passed SGS Heavy Metals Tests)

由ISO 22716 GMP 驗證工廠生產 (made by ISO 22716 GMP certified manufacturer)








Our tea tree ingredient is from the farm certified by TOAF in Taiwan. This means:

1) This farm is “no chemical synthetic pesticides”, “no chemical fertilizers”, “no herbicides or any materials that are harmful to the environment and harmful to the species”.
2) This farm is providing a friendly environment for biological foraging and habitat, and aim towards the biodiversity of farmland.


主成分功效 :

純澳洲茶樹純露Pure Australian Tea Tree hydrolat



Main ingredient:

Pure Australian Tea Tree Hydrolat

The plant essence is made by natural distillation, and it has a refreshing effect. At the same time, it can achieve moisturizing, nourishing, protecting, cleaning, sterilizing, antibacterial, healing, antibacterial, and deodorizing functions.


用    途


Use :

Pure Australian tea tree hydrolat, this botanical essence is made by natural distillation. The freshness and so unique all-natural tea tree aroma is the result of mixing natural spring water and tea tree essence. It has the effect of refreshing and promoting the harmony of body, mind and soul, and restores skin optimal water-oil balance, soothing sensitivity, anti-acne, antibacterial and deodorant, increase skin moisturizing and protection.








Carrying 100% all-natural Australian Tea Tree Hydrolat with you, which can achieve moisturizing, nourishing, protecting, cleaning, sterilizing, antibacterial, therapeutic, antibacterial, deodorizing and other functions at any time.


The true 100% pure hydrolat is extracted by natural distillation. It contains plant water-soluble ingredients and essential oil molecules. These dissolved in water are real plant extracts, plus natural spring water contains rich minerals and trace elements. It has an extremely effective repairing effect.




- 噴灑在面上、頭髮和身上,可以提神並同時保濕、舒緩、鎮靜和護理皮膚


- 純露也可以作基底液使用,使皮膚變得柔軟及滋潤,增加皮膚對後來的護膚品吸收力


- 純露也可以直接噴灑在頭髮上,有助改善頭皮屑等炎症問題


- 化妝後可使用純露直接噴灑在面上,幫助保濕、消炎及舒緩皮膚敏感


- 可使用純露浸濕的面膜紙,直接敷於臉上作舒緩、鎮靜及保濕面部


- 純露還可以用作調配面膜粉,讓豐富的礦物質和微量元素等物質直接滋潤肌膚,讓面膜達到更極致的效用


Tea tree hydrolat can basically be used directly:


-Spray on face, hair and body to refresh and simultaneously moisturize, soothe, calm, deodorize and care for the skin


-Pure hydrolat can also be used as a base liquid, making the skin soft and moisturized, increasing the skin's ability to absorb later skin care products


-Pure hydrolat can also be sprayed directly on the hair, which can help to improve inflammation such as dandruff


-After applying makeup, you can spray directly onto the face to help moisturize, reduce inflammation and soothe sensitive skin


-You can use the mask soaked in pure dew to apply directly on the face for soothing, calming and moisturizing the face


-Pure dew can also be mixed with mask powder instead of water to enrich the minerals and trace elements directly to moisturize the skin and make the mask more effective.




Suitable for users: all types of skin, athletes, acne skin, outdoor activities, skin inflammation






If you have any discomfort after using tea tree products, please stop using it.



保存方法  請儲存於通風及陰涼處,避免陽光照射。

Storage : Store in a ventilated and cool place, avoiding sunlight.