VCE - Derma Regenerating Masque 亮白再生面膜

VCE - Derma Regenerating Masque 亮白再生面膜

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特    色:

溫和煥膚膜(pH 4.5-5),可瞬間軟化角質,瞬間提亮膚色及達到控油、淨化,改善膚色不均、老化粗糙及細紋,使用後肌膚呈現柔嫩、緊緻的光澤。



Gentle peeling mask (pH 4.5-5) can instantly soften cutin, instantly brighten skin tone, effective on oil control, purify, improve uneven skin tone, aging roughness and fine lines. The skin will become more soft and firming after used.

不含色素 (no artificial colors)

不含酒精 (no alcohols)

不含礦物油 (no mineral oil)

不含硫酸鹽 (no sulfates)

不含動物成份 (100% vegan)

無動物實驗產品 (cruelty free)

不含對羥基苯甲酸酯防腐劑 (no parabens)

不含甲基異噻唑啉酮防腐劑 (no MIT)

不含鄰苯二甲酸酯增塑劑 (no phthalates)

由ISO 22716 GMP 驗證工廠生產 (made by ISO 22716 GMP certified manufacturer)



主要成分、特性:Main ingredients、feature


竹炭(Bamboo Charcoal):具有強大的吸附能力,能有效去除肌膚表面髒污與角質層,深層淨化肌膚,幫助老廢角質代謝,達到深層潔淨毛孔之功能。

Bamboo Charcoal:It has a strong adsorption capacity, can effectively remove the dirt and stratum corneum on the skin, deeply purify the skin, help the metabolism of stratum corneum, and achieve the function of deep cleansing of pores.


母菊花萃取(Chamomile Extract):能預防氧化並能舒緩敏感、增加肌膚對環境之抵抗力,具有消炎、抗過敏的功效。

Chamomile Extract : It can prevent oxidation, soothe sensitivity, increase the skin's resistance to the environment, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.


乙基維他命C(3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid) :還原肌膚表面已形成的黑色素,同時調理角質,讓底層黑斑快速代謝,可徹底阻斷黑色素的形成,有效美白肌膚。

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid : It restores the melanin that has formed on the surface of the skin and regulates the keratin as well, so that the underlying dark spots are rapidly metabolized, which can completely block the formation of melanin and effectively whiten the skin.


杜鵑花酸(Azelaic Acid):可抑制初油桿菌的滋生及油脂分泌,促進皮膚新陳代謝,並能有效去除色斑,淨化膚質,使皮膚光鮮亮麗。

Azelaic Acid : It can inhibit the growth of oleobacter and the secretion of oil, promote skin metabolism, and can effectively remove freckles, purify the skin, and brighten the skin.


玻尿酸(Sodium Hyaluronate):是肌膚結締組織中分佈最廣的物質,可保持細胞間隙的水分,同時能維持皮膚的潤滑性與柔軟性,發揮長效保濕,預防肌膚乾燥、缺水。

Sodium Hyaluronate : It is the most widely distributed substance in the connective tissue of the skin, which can maintain moisture in the intercellular space, while maintaining the lubricity and softness of the skin, exerting long-term moisturizing, and preventing dryness and dehydration of the skin.


聚麩胺酸(Sodium Polyglutamate):可促進皮膚角質細胞內的天然保濕因子的增生,並能滲透浸潤角質層,使皮膚更具透明度與潤澤感。

Sodium Polyglutamate : It can proliferate the natural moisturizing factors in the skin keratinocytes, can penetrate the stratum corneum, making the skin more transparent and moisturized.


甘草(Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate):是溫和的植物成份,具美白、鎮靜及增強肌膚免疫力之高效物質,同時能讓肌膚更加明亮。

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate : It is a mild plant ingredient with high-efficiency substances for whitening, calming, brightening and strengthening the skin's immunity.



How to use: Take an appropriate amount and apply a thin layer on the facial skin. Firstly, the skin will feel slightly irritating because of the characteristic of Azelaic Acid. Secondly, wait for around 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water to make your skin rejuvenate.



Storage: Store in a ventilated and cool place, avoid from direct sunlight.