About Us

Backers has started since 2015, when Panda and Damien discovered the gap in the crowd-funding market: consumers are skeptical about new products that are not yet manufactured and only advertised with the concept or prototype on-line. It lacks a step for consumer to try and validate these new innovations. Hence, the first Backers store, which is aimed to provide product education and brand experience, was opened in Nov 2015.

Since working with over 200 new product brands, we have learnt the needs from these brands and creators, thus operating various stores in prime locations in Hong Kong Airport, Eslite Xinyi Taipei.

Latest service the Backers team provides to our product brands community is Luna2, which allows product brands to launch their products to anywhere in the globe - be it in brick-and-mortar stores, get social media traction with famous youtubers, or selling through with any popular online stores.